You’ve heard it before, that genuine gratitude is one of the keys to a happy life. What we think about and THANK about, we tend to bring about.  So today I am especially thankful for this particular Paul Reed Smith guitar. It’s new to me, and was part of the prize for winning the lyric writing competition for American Songwriter Magazine recently.  It was my song “Evangeline” that took home the prize, and I was honored to be interviewed in this month’s issue. Thank you American Songwriter, thank you Paul Reed Smith, thank you listeners and fans and music lovers wherever you are. I am grateful, inspired, and ready to write on!


CD Release Party!

As much as I love songwriting, I will admit that there are a few other things in my life that often take precedence. - work and my daughter being the two most important. It therefore takes me a long time to make a record. In fact, while this new release, More Lately, only has six tracks, it took me over a year to record. During that time I steadily chipped away in the studio, slowly inviting various musicians to join me, and taking my own sweet time. The other two albums I have made (Finally  and Golden Some Day) took less time, but I was chomping at the bit to get them done. This time around I am far more relaxed, unattached to any sort of timeline or concrete outcome. I am open to wherever this may lead, and eagerly excited to share the new music with you.  The first single, “More Lately” will be available on iTunes and Spotify 10/26, “Evangeline” comes out 11/2, and the entire album available 11/9. Come join us in Boulder in November 11th, 4-6pm, at Shine Restaurant and Potion Bar and help celebrate the release of new music, more than a year in the making. Thanks always for listening!


Album art by Ayal Hausfeld

Community Music Night

It began in my friend’s living room several years ago, a few close friends sharing their original songs with each other. Then the living room became too small for this growing group of Boulder artists, eager for a sense of artistic collaboration and community. Fast forward a few years and this eclectic group of musicians has grown exponentially. This weekend I was pleased to join them for an evening of music, stories, experiments and community.  I witnessed someone perform with a guitar for the first time, I had a number of substantive conversations with Boulder artists, and I made some new friends along the way. Thank you Boulder for attracting these wonderful folks eager to share their songs as well as their hearts.  And thank you to the innumerable community members who attend these terrific evenings, supporting local artists along the way. I was happy to attend, proud to perform, and am already looking forward to the next Community Music Night. 

Shanna In A Dress

Shanna In A Dress

Your Health

When we get asked about our health, we instinctively ponder our physical health. Eating well? Sleeping ok? Getting some exercise and staying hydrated? Then you’re good to go! But we neglect other vital aspects of our being, namely our psychological and emotional health. I have been a professional counselor for 15 years, helping kids, teens, and adults work on issues of anxiety, depression, anger management, addiction, and more. And I can tell you this:

- None of us have our act together as much as we pretend. 

- All of us could use more practice with empathy, vulnerability, and authentic relationship. 

- It is ok to not be ok. 

Take care of yourselves, friends, and each other. No one gets out of here alive, and we need all the help we can get between here and the finish line.


Fall Transitions

As the Colorado Aspen leaves begin to fall, I celebrate this annual rite of passage from summer to winter, from outward to inward. After the explosive growth of summer comes the more introspective season full of crockpot soup. And as with any transition, we say goodbye to one thing and hello to something else, and the goodbyes are often poignant. I recently attended Denver’s Water Lantern Festival to help mark this transition, to bid farewell to some things and welcome in the new. This fall and winter I endeavor to move past some old ways of thinking, to write more songs, and to make even better soup in my crockpot. Wishing you all a fruitful transition.


Denver’s Water Lantern Festival