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New Album, More Lately

Featuring the award-winning song, “Evangeline”

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Jeremy dion


“Music is a chance to tell stories of pain and beauty,” says singer-songwriter Jeremy Dion. “I want my songs to make people feel something unexpected.’

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Dion has been playing music since he was seven, and writing songs since he first picked up a guitar at the age of 18. Tinged with bluegrass, folk, and rock’n’roll, the songs Dion composes have the sound of hope and heartbreak, a loving distillation of the experiences we’ve all known at one time or another.

With two albums - and his third on the way to be released in 2018 - plus countless gigs, both alone and with his trio, under his belt, Dion’s proved himself as an artist.

“I like people to engage with the words I write. Every song is a snapshot of a time. And each new song moves beyond the last.”

Pictures. Images. Jeremy Dion doesn’t just take us into his life with his songs; he shows us our own.


Vocals, Guitar / Jeremy Dion
Keyboard, Sampling / Eric Moon


“When you listen to Bob Dylan, you learn about others. When you listen to Jeremy, you learn about yourself.”
— Bob M. - A Fan!

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Find Jeremy on iTunes and Spotify to listen to his full albums, "Golden Some Day," "Finally," and “More Lately” (November 9th).